Tea Pets for Tea Ceremony Decoration

A tea pet is a small clay figure or ceramic animal, placed atop the tea tray during tea ceremony. They are mostly used for decoration, and also for luck purpose.

We provide a wide selection of creative tea pets including clay tea pet, porcelain animals tea pet, historic figures tea pet etc. Improve the fun for tea ceremony, also bring the good luck charms for you.

Creative Zisha Clay Tea Pet Buffalo Detachable Handmade Purple Sand Tea Tray decoration
Boutique Cute Little Fox Handmade Tea Pet Zisha Clay Lovely Teapet Decoration
Retro Mini Brass Sea Turtle Tea Pet Solid Copper Antique Animal Miniatures Teapet
Bronze Cobra Statue Ornament Zodiac Snake Miniature Figurines Copper Tea Pet
Solid Brass Jurassic Dinosaur Mini Figurines Tea Pet for Home & Office Desktop
Retro Brass Ancient Beast Pixiu Tea Table Decor Ornaments Copper Animal Figurines Fengshui Statue Tea Pet
Vintage Copper Horse Statue Lucky Tea Tray Decoration Brass Animal Figurines Miniatures Tea Pet
Mini Copper Elephant Statue Lucky Teapet Handmade Brass Animal Tea Pet
Boutique Mini Teapot Style Tea Pet Ornaments Yixing Zisha Teapet
Antique Zisha Teapet Ornaments Boutique Pixiu Lucky Decoration Handmade Tea Pet for Tea Ceremony
Creative Zisha Snails Statue Tea Figurine Ornament Handmade Tea Pet
Monkey King Model Handmade Purple Sand Tea Pet Creative Little Monkey Teapet
Chinese Handmade Zisha Figure Statue Ornaments Sculpture Tea Pet
Handmade Creative Purple Clay Tea Pet Sun Wukong Statue Tea Figurine Ornament