GuafengZhai Pu Erh Raw Tea Cake 357G High Altitude Arbor Raw Tea

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Product Description

GuafengZhai Pu Erh Raw Tea Cake
High Altitude Arbor Raw Tea

This tea cake selected early spring arbor tea leaves from the village of “Gua Feng Zhai” (刮风寨), one of the most remote villages in Yiwu(易武) tea area, it is just a few kilometres from the Laos-Yunnan border.
“Gua Feng Zhai” special environment and unique processing lends the tea a special flavor that is unique among Yi Wu area teas.

When brewing the tea you will notice the tea soup is a bright yellow-gold and clear, the aroma is penetrating and the tea is full in the mouth. The flavor is textured and thick with some floral essences.
This is one of the more pungent and intense of the Yi Wu area teas.

Net Weight: 357 grams / cake
Harvest Area: Gua Feng Zhai, Yi Wu mountain range, Meng La county of Xi Shuang Banna

0/5 (0 Reviews)