Handmade Aged Pu Erh Ripe Cake Tea – “Ban Zhang Da Shu”

Item Highlights:

  • Souce from Famous Pu-Erh Mountain “Lao Ban Zhang”
  • Leaves from Old Tree Which 80 Years Above.
  • Aged Tea Leaves & Store
  • Mature Fragrance; Woody fragrance

Unit Weight: 357 Gram (12.5 Ounce)

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Product Description

“Ban Zhang Da Shu”:

Ripe Pu Erh Tea Cake, harvest season:2008 early spring, production date:2015-09-28, featured sweet & smooth with aged wood fragrance puer cake: “Ban Zhang Da Shu”

“Ban Zhang Da Shu” is a cake of featured ripe pu erh, the leaves harvest at the year 2008, and handmade at 2015.

This ripe tea cake souce from famous “Lao Ban Zhang” tea area, it is so cost-effective now.

The tea flavour : sweet & smooth with aged wood fragrance

0/5 (0 Reviews)