Manzhuan Ancient Tea Mountain

Manzhuan, also known as Manzhuang, is one of the six ancient tea mountains. It is located between the four tea mountains of Yibang, Geden, Mansa and Yiwu. Today, there are still 2,930 mu of ancient tea gardens in Manzhuan Ancient Tea Mountain. Most of the ancient tea trees grow in dense forests. The varieties of tea trees are relatively miscellaneous, mainly large-leaf species from Yunnan, and small-leaf species called “willow-leaf tea” by local people. . Pu-erh tea made from Manzhuan ancient mountain sun-dried green tea has darker tea leaves, bright black and thick cords, bright golden soup, yellow-green soup, yellow-green leaf bottom, less bitter and astringent, similar to Yiwu in soup. It is sweet, has a quick aftertaste and lasts for a long time, the soup is full, thick and smooth, the tea tree was born in the mountains and forests, the environment is good, and the bottom of the cup has a long-lasting fragrance.

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